6 Keys to a Beautiful Lawn
  • Design

    The design process takes into account size, color, texture, flower timing, sun exposure and many others. We also take into account budget, desires, likes and dislikes, and spacing to ensure the highest quality design. This process must ensure every need of the customer is met as well as the special needs of each individual plant. When every aspect of our design process comes together your oasis becomes reality. Quality and beauty begin with a functional design.

  • Installation

    Special care is taken during the installation process to ensure the plant has every opportunity to thrive in its new home. Proper hole depth and diameter are essential components of planting. Make sure the top of the root ball is 1 inch above the soil surface for proper drainage. Backfill the hole with an amended soil, peat blend and remove all air pockets with a hose and shovel. Add proper amounts of starter fertilizer and mulch to a depth of 4 inches to finish the process. Special care is required during the entire process to reduce transplant shock and ensure proper root establishment.

  • Maintenance

    Proper landscape maintenance ensures the beauty and longevity of your design. Trimming, dead heading, fertilizing, mulching, and applying insecticides are all integral parts of this process. Trim shrubs in late fall or winter after the growing season has ended. Dead head perennials to increase new blooms and cut them back in late fall to promote new spring growth. Thin your day lilies and hostas in the fall to remove dead material in the center of the plant and create starts for you and your friends. Fertilize spring and fall for maximum bloom production and root development. Mulch eliminates weeds, reduces water usage, and protects the root system from the extremes of heat and cold. Applying pesticides reduces insect damage and fungal diseases from ruining your landscape plants. Knowledge,experience, and proper licensing are our commitments to you. Trust your landscape maintenance needs to us.

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